Saturday, November 26, 2011

It's Small Business Saturday!!!

Flower on Brown Shirt shirt
My daughter, Megan, and I have been working hard to get our stores filled with some neat items that we think you'll like. Here are links to our stores so you can browse and hopefully find something that would be perfect for you--or we can design special orders if you contact us at ilovecuttables @ gmail . com

I Love Cuttables at Greeting Card Universe (this was our very first store that got the ball rolling)
Cardtoons at Greeting Card Universe (this one is where Mike and I come up with funny cards)
Megan and Friends at Greeting Card Universe (this one was specifically created with all profits going to Megan's grad school tuition fees - it doesn't have many cards in it yet because Megan has been working on our Zazzle store)

Our I Love Cuttables Zazzle Store (where Megan has been hard at work creating fantastic products)

and Our CafePress Store (where I've added a few items like jewelry, jewelry boxes, mousepads, and laptop skins)

Today is the perfect day to show Megan your support for her becoming a graduate student at Carnegie Mellon University by buying a single item (or more, if you’d like) from any one of our online stores. Megan has been working very hard to design items to sell, so today is the day to let her know her efforts are paying off.

Pictured above is a Flower on Brown Shirt by ilovecuttables
See other Flower T-Shirts

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Another Item Up for Sale

The iPhone 4 Slider Case I designed on I created this Case today at Cafe Press. :) It would be the perfect Christmas gift for a young lady you know that has an iPhone 4.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Small Business Saturday is November 26th!

Plaid Shoes kedsshoeThe second annual "Small Business Saturday" is coming up on November 26th! It is the day after Black Friday when shoppers are encouraged to support their favorite small businesses with their patronage. I opened my first online greeting card store (ilovecuttables) in April of this year, so this will actually be my first "Small Biz Sat." A couple of weeks ago my brilliant and beautiful daughter, Megan, agreed to become my partner and she is handling all of the Zazzle products ( Over the next few days, she and I will be posting some of our personal favorite items that we have created (we'll post them here and on our blogs); and we hope you will consider making a purchase (or two) from any of our stores on Nov 26th. Also, we would be happy to work directly with you if you would like cards or gifts personalized with artwork specifically created for you (perfect for Christmas gifts!). We'd love to hear from you. :) Thanks! (Pictured above are some adorable plaid shoes Megan designed on Zazzle. Plaid Shoes by ilovecuttables. Build your own shoes)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Amazing Week!

So many fantastic things have been happening to me over the past week, and it's a bit overwhelming (but in a good way - lol).

First, I got a new new small business counselor (Mike) and last Thursday we had our first meeting. We got more done in that one meeting than 3 months of back & forth with my first counselor. Mike thinks I'm definitely on the road to being approved for my request for assistance for my business, but even more importantly, he has given me some excellent ideas on various ways to move forward productively. :)

Then my son came home for a visit on Friday and told me he just got signed up for a glass-blowing class for his next quarter at college! Glass-blowing is something that has always intrigued me and had I not been disabled, I would have loved to learn glass-blowing, myself. So guess who's going to be the one of the main recipients of his classwork? Me. :) I LOVE blown glass art!!

So I was really psyched about that, then Sri Devi, a truly beautiful person in every way, spotlighted me on the Well-Wishers Group Website, and what a wonderful honor it is! I feel a strong spiritual connection to Sri and am very grateful to her for letting me talk about myself, and for shining the light on me. :) Thank you so much, Sri!

Then my daughter told us she got accepted to Carnegie Mellon University (among the top 25 in the nation & dubbed one of the "New Ivies")! How awesome is that, to have a child accepted to such a prestigious university? Quite awesome! And by the way, I home-schooled her for 10 years when she was young, so that makes me feel like I did a pretty good job. :)

And finally, my "Congrats on Donating Your Hair" card received the GCU Design of the Day honor on Sunday (11/6/11)!! Thanks, GCU!

What a whirlwind of wonderfulness!