Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I’m dedicating this post to all of the wonderful people who I have met through GreetingCardUniverse.com, as a "thank you" for the helpful resources they provide. The three that I’m highlighting here are just the tip of the iceberg. There are SO many exceptionally talented and helpful people at GCU, but the ones I’m posting about below have personally given me assistance within the past few weeks.

Peggy, of DogBreedz, helped me deal with my grief over the recent loss of my cat, Missy. Without Peggy’s kindness and ability to help me through it, I’d probably still be stuck in a very unhappy place. Thank you, Peggy.

Something else that caused me some grief recently was trying to figure out setting up a business page on Facebook. Now that I’m committed to learning more about FB, I'm glad to have had the good fortune of finding someone who was willing to help me find my way. Tracie, of Photography TK Designs has created a terrific resource for GCU artists on Facebook called Greetings & Gifts Resource Center. It offers an excellent promotional opportunity for artists and online greeting card storefront owners, who might be starting out or are not yet getting the visitors that they’d like, to get exposure. I’m pleased that GCUCommunity brought this resource to my attention recently, and I’m grateful to Tracie for creating and maintaining it--and especially for helping me break through the hurdle of the FB promotions and go all in. Thank you, Tracie!

Finally, since I mentioned GCUCommunity, I want to pay homage to Corrie Kuipers, the creator of this incredible resource. Corrie is a veritable fountain of knowledge when it comes to making one’s way through Greeting Card Universe and creating marketable cards. She understands the ins and outs, and helps others do the same with her Nuts & Bolts articles, her Critique Clinic, and her efficient advice and examples (also, here's a quick "shout out" to Shelley for helping with a critique of my card recently). Corrie also keeps artists updated with what’s hot and what’s not in colors and style, and she’s quite intuitive in foreseeing what newbies (like me) need. And when it comes to finding the best guest bloggers out there, Corrie is an expert. So thank you, Corrie; and thank you, EVERYBODY (artists, reviewers, bloggers, admin, etc) who’s working and contributing to make GCU the best supplier of greeting cards on the net.


  1. Thank you/you are welcome, Cindy! I am glad that we were brought together at a time that you needed it the most (it does work that way, doesn't it?). And I am honored that you liked my playing with Missy's image enough to offer it within your wonderful greeting card store! My tribute to a much-loved Kitty ...

  2. Aw, thanks, Cindy - you're very welcome. We were fortunate enough to join GCU right when they were just getting started, so we're happy to share the benefit of our experience. :-)


  3. Three wonderful people indeed! I feel very fortunate to belong to such a great group of artists who are so kind and willing to share their knowledge with everyone! -Robin/Rycky Creations

  4. Thanks for the shout out Cindy. I am by no means an export, but I think it is always good to have another perspective. I wish you success with your cancer card. I think you ended up with a wonderful final product!