Friday, July 15, 2011

A Post From My Guest Blogger, Janet Lee of Janet Lee Designs

This touching post is provided by my guest blogger, Janet Lee of Janet Lee Designs.  You can visit her and see her work at: Janet Lee Designs @ Zazzle, Janet Lee Designs @ GCU, Kumfy Keds, and Janet Lee Designs Blog.  Thank you, Janet!  :-)

I love flowers. The colors, the textures, the aromas are simply heaven to the nose.  I remember planting flowers with my mother and grandmother, now I plant flowers with my daughter and granddaughters. This year we've planted Daisies, Hollyhocks, and Hyacinths. I'm still hoping they come out well, this year's weather has been fierce for flower growing, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

When I'm not planting flowers, I'm painting them and photographing them. I find they make wonderful subjects for beautiful greeting cards for many occasions.  Here are a few of my photos made into greeting cards. You just cannot go wrong with flowers! 


  1. Thank you, Janet, your cards are lovely!

  2. Great guest post! Sorry to hear you (Janet Lee) are suffering from bad weather too...don't worry, even a broken flower can be beautiful in a photograph.

  3. Thank you Cindy for having me as your Guest Blogger and your kind words.
    It was my pleasure.
    Tracie you're so right about broken flowers. Thank you Ladies.
    Janet Lee

  4. Sweet sentiment Janet. Wonderful that gardening has given you something to connect the generations!
    Doreen Erhardt