Saturday, January 7, 2012

Creating Decorative Typeface

I want to spend more of my artistic time learning how to make decorative typeface. I've done practically none up to this point, so it really IS time.

Here is a Vectortuts tutorial that I think is a good place to start:
How to Add Decorative Glamour to Your Ordinary Script Font

And another that shows How to Create a Trendy Retro Type Treatment

This website has links to 50 Stunning Photoshop Text Effect Tutorials, but I don't have Photoshop yet.

This link has eleven more at

And another one that has links to 40 Must Learn Text Effect Tutorials (although some are the same ones from the above compilation).

I also found this cool tutorial on how to Create a Remarkable Poster with Decorative Elements. I'm including it in this post because I'm sure I'll come back to it in time (even though I don't have Illustrator yet, either). Anyhow, sometimes you can figure out how to do or make something comparable in Inkscape. :)

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