Monday, November 29, 2010


My last post covered Cricut cheat sheets.  Today I'm going to point out some tips that I have found useful.  These first two websites are more for the sake of reference, though:
*  A good background on the Cricut from the beginning and why you should give Sure-Cuts-A-Lot or Make the Cut software a lot of thought. her website, Michelle also has several very helpful videos including some for MAC users.)

Now here are the tips:
*  Conditioning a brand new mat before you use it for the first time.  This video will show you how to avoid having the mat too sticky and ruining your first project or so with a new mat.
*  Mat rehab  I like this video because she (Pinke) goes over all the best techniques if you want to re-sticky your mat to extend its life.  Some folks, however, have suggested waiting until your Cricut warranty expires to use these tips, because Provo Craft might not replace your Cricut if it gets gummed up from re-stickying your mats.

This next tip is just so cool, IMHO:
*  How to make SVG files from your own handwriting font.  And by just using steps 2 - 4, you can vectorize practically any drawing to use for cutting.

Paper piecing tips and creating your own paper piecing SVG files:
*  This is a nice video tutorial on how to cut a three-layered project in one procedure using Sure-Cuts-A-Lot and your Cricut.

The next few tips discuss cutting a variety of materials with your Cricut:
*  A very short (but good) video on cutting fabric with your cricut.
*  Cricut Dan gives a good demonstration (and shows you a little of what Design Studio is like along the way) on using transfer tape to transfer vinyl after it has been cut with the Cricut.
*  Video on using your Cricut to make a wax paper template to use for painting on a T-shirt. She uses a very intricate design and covers several cool techniques in this video.

Adding ink and stamping to your treasure trove of techniques:
*  Using markers and then switching to the blade to cut an outlined image with your Cricut.  And also, though not necessarily Cricut-related, here's a cool video showing how to use bic markers to color clear gemstones.
*  And finally, along those lines, a video on cutting out your own foam stamps.

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