Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cards, Cards, Cards! :-)

I would like to invite you to visit a new blog that I created to share Greeting Card Universe's Design of the Day picks. GCU has been making the picks since early May of 2011, and after a wonderful suggestion by Corrie Kuipers over at, I've decided to share these splendid cards every day with the world (or anyone who visits my blog - lol). :)

Here is a link to that very blog, and also here is a link to an archive of the Design of the Day picks prior to yesterday.

On another note about cards, World Card Making Day is coming up on October 1st. :) I think the World Card Making Day website is geared more towards paper-pieced and hand-made cards, but one can still get a lot of good ideas there. ;)

AND...since I did make this post all about cards, I would be remiss if I didn't share a couple with you. These are two very recent cards of mine that were approved by GCU. The first celebrates getting braces on, and the second celebrates getting braces off.

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