Friday, September 16, 2011

Halloween Blog Carnival with GCUCommunity

I don’t really remember my own Halloween experiences from when I was growing up, so I’ll just provide a couple of tidbits that I found on Louie Volpe’s "Holidays On The Net" website (I used to work for Louie many years ago before chemo messed up my memory and interfered with my ability to do internet (cgi) programming).

Anyhow, here are the tidbits. :)
Halloween isn’t the pagan holiday that many think it is, although quite a few of the traditions do date back to the Celtics. Wearing animal costumes is something ancient Celts did to mark the end of summer. Trick or treating traditions stem from the Celtic holiday of Samhain—a time to honor those who died in the past year—when the Celts would leave out food for their deceased family members’ spirits to eat before their long journey. Over the centuries, the tradition came to be known as mumming, when revelers would dress up as spirits and perform antics in exchange for food. Fun, right? I can picture it. Lol.

Here are some cards to get you thinking about your own Halloween plans. The spookiness is just around the corner. ;)

Artists are Molly Harrison, Robin's Coloring Book, Corrie Kuipers, and me. :)

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  1. Cindy, Those are things I did not know, very interesting post, well done! Love your choice of cards. Janet Lee

  2. Great post as well as choice of cards. I love this holiday!

  3. How is Halloween not the Pagan holiday some people think it is? All the examples you give seem to show that it IS the Pagan holiday some people think it is. Can you explain your point more? Thank you.

  4. Anonymous...I post my opinions here on my blog. I don't need to justify them to someone who is commenting anonymously. Do your own research.

  5. Wow Cindy, I had no idea how Halloween started. Thanks so much for the info! Thanks again for catching my blog being omitted. Sure appreciate that. Betsy

  6. cute cards! Halloween used to seem so innocent and now it seems it draws out the worst in some. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Halloween draws out the worst in some? Indeed, Denise! Who would've thunk? Thanks for stopping by. :)