Friday, February 17, 2012

Feb 17 - Friday's Fun Face

When I was visiting some of the other bloggers participating in the 29 Faces Challenge yesterday, one of them (Denthe) offered a link to Scribbler. I had never heard of Scribbler before, but now that I have I know I'll be using it again in the future. I used it for my face today. It was a fun change from my usual techniques. :) I will learn better ways to make faces with it in the future, because honestly I'm not thrilled with how the eyes turned out; plus, I wish I'd have made the lips a different color. The eyelashes look like spiderwebs and I had to replace the irises with ovals in Inkscape because the original irises looked really scary - and not the look I was going for. Lol. All in all, though, Scribbler is a lot of fun to use!

1 comment:

  1. Sweet little face Cindy.... will have to check Scribbler out... sounds like fun...

    Jenny x