Monday, May 9, 2011

Some Real 'Funners'

As promised, here are the 'funners' that I mentioned in my last post. These are some doozies...and they all celebrate Father's Day! Makes me feel like I wouldn't mind being a father for a day, myself, because it looks like it would be hilarious. LOL! Other than that, don't fault me for choosing these slightly "off-color" humorous cards. They were determined to not let me pass them by (can't you hear them? "Cindy, pick me! pick me!"). ;-D

The starving (for attention, obviously) artists who created these 'funners' are Tom Rent, Mary Kay Mickiewicz and Lilly Fluger. :)

P.S. I'm not sure what it says about {me} that I find those to be among the most funniest cards at Greeting Card Universe...but I'm sure it says SOMEthing. (eyes rolling)


  1. Hi Cindy! I just found this... I'm totally cracking up! I just think its the way you write though! Thank You for choosing my Father's Day card (even if it was awhile ago!) I just hope it comes in handy for someone some Father's Day! ha ha ha

    Love your site!!!
    Mary Kay

  2. Hi Mary Kay! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I love your cards and your Father's Day card made me LOL a lot (it's really cute, too). :)